martes, julio 24, 2007

Flirting around

It's difficult you know. Here in Paris there a lot of people of very different cultures. I think you can find in less than 1 hour all the nationalities of the world, or at least almost all. And when you flirt extrange situations arrives.

The americans and the british girls are a bit cold. It's difficult to get feed-back soon. You don't know what's going on until the explosion. You don't know if she thinks you're a stupid man or you will be the father of her babies. That for a south european is not easy to get on.

The french girls I don't know. They are natural. In some cases to much natural. But they can also be very disgusting. Their humour is quite strange and at the first time a bit slow to get feed back. But once you get it you can have good time with them.

The chinesee girls are colder than ice cubes. Normally they distrut too much. When I say too much is too much. In that ambiance is difficult to start nothing. If you go over this rock you will probably see a vast thing. When I say thing I don't know excactly what I mena. A vast thing. Something big but you cannot explain properly.

That's are more or less my conclusions here. Which are yours??!

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