lunes, julio 30, 2007

The subway in Paris

I have to say. I don't want it at all. I am used to the Bilbao subway. It's much much more cleaner, faster, modern, ... It's true, it's not the third biggest subway in Europe. And the bigger it gets the problems increase more than a lot.

If I have to make a comparison with the biggest subway network in Europe, I think it's Madrid. Yes, that's true. I do not like too much also. It's quite similar to Paris in almost everything. It's also slow, not clean, ... the only difference I see. Probably I am wrong. It's that transition times, let's say the time walking to change from one line to another in Paris is a bit bigger. In some cases I think I have to walk the whole Champs Elysees. But in Madrid you also have to walk a lot.

What I am wondering myself is, this subways have more than 100 years. So perhaps it's time to make a complete update. And when I say that I am saying in capital letters. I know we would be talking about loads of money. But I think this subway networks should be better. They seem as we were in the 60s or so. And we are not.

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