sábado, junio 09, 2007

Living in Paris

I am now loking for an appartment in Paris. I think I will stay during July. I must improve my french. Althought after having talked with a french nurse I haven't it very clear now. He told me that the best place for improving my french wasn't Paris. And that's true. But the fact is, that I want to enjoy a city as Paris althought probably it won't be the best place for improving my french.

The doubt became when he started talking to me about a region or a city, don't remember now, called Angers, he said: "the France of the Castles" and there, they do speak a good french.

After that I surfed a little bit and I saw that the area was a very nice place to stay.

Now, I don't know. Because also attending to economy factors, it's true that for one's pockets there are better alternatives to Paris. But Paris will always be Paris.

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