sábado, junio 09, 2007

Should be Internet an essential item?

That's an important question nowadays. Let's see it.

In the past few things were done in the Internet. That was 15 years ago or so. Seven years ago -more or less- more things were done in the Internet. Nowadays there are things that only can be done in the Internet. And it seems that with more things it will happen the same in the near future.

So, if the are a significant amount of things that can only be done in the Internet and doing others is an advantage for those who do that, is Internet an essential item?

The answer is yes. And the two reasons are clear. One is because everybody must have access to other essential services and second because Internet gives the same opportunities for those who want to use it.

Now the question is, ¿Why Internet is not an essential item?. Telcos have the answer. There's no bussiness in upgrading country cable network for providing broadband Internet access.

The matter is for politicians who have seen Telcos with huge benefits not reinvesting in the countryside areas and creating a digital gap.

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