lunes, noviembre 28, 2005

Skype gathers with Martin Varsavsky

According with high profile managers of Skype a gathering with the founder of FON is being held today in London city. Remember, FON mind is to create a global Wifi net in which mobile communications would be possible. The two leading technologies of the moment, Wifi and VoIP, are looking forward to join in what could be a new model for mobile communications.
This is not the first gathering between both companies and it is not supposed to be the last. Skype waits anxiously the development of the FON project in order to take part in which is one of the most profitable businesses of the moment. According with information published last week the mobile communications has a penetration of more than 90% in the European countries and at the moment only a few companies can take part in the business due licenses legislation.
No written deal is waited of this gathering. This seems to be a long term conversations that could end with a deal once FON have a reasonable wide net of hotspots.

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