jueves, diciembre 15, 2005

Mauritius hotspot

Many of you have heard dozens of news about what is the first Wifi country: Mauritius Island or “Cyberisland”. Anybody knows who is behind this project?.
The hotspot, that now covers around 70% of its population, is signed by ADB and Navini Networks (Wireless partner).

  • The first company is from the United Arab Emirates and provides IT solutions for Middle East and Africa. ADB Networks (owned by ADB) is Mauritius headquartered and is the backbone of the project (ADB Networks is a Mauritius ISP).
  • The technological high value partner is an American company (Texas headquartered). Navini is a WiMAX Forum principal member and one of the most experienced supplier of this technology. At the moment provides wireless solutions (some of them WiMAX-like) in 6 continents.
According with ADB Networks in no more than 2 months the total hotspots coverage will be around 90% of its population.

I do look closely Mauritius.

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